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Tracker Wide Statistics
Seeds/Peers: 2,498/845 (1:2.96)
Downloads: 156,414,393
Transfer: 310.48 PB

Date   Filename   Size   Seeds   Clients   Speed   DL   Xfer'd  
2009-01-29 09:06[Ani-Jiyuu-PnU] Ergo Proxy 1-233.74 GB000.00 B/s35,068163.00 TB
2005-05-22 14:03[PNU & SHS] Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto - 01 [5BFD17E0].avi172.43 MB000.00 B/s120,64024.02 TB
2010-05-11 04:03[Pino-no-Usagi] Ergo Proxy 15 [EA63839E].avi172.90 MB000.00 B/s58,51319.79 TB
2011-02-06 08:13[Pino-no-Usagi] Ergo Proxy 16 [48BFBDBD].avi174.31 MB000.00 B/s57,97830.97 TB
2011-12-07 23:03[Pino-no-Usagi] Ergo Proxy 17 [44EE1436].avi174.28 MB000.00 B/s57,33821.63 TB
2014-04-23 13:10[Pino-no-Usagi] Ergo Proxy 18 [5D0FBCD3].avi174.23 MB000.00 B/s58,67519.01 TB
2010-02-10 17:13[Pino-no-Usagi] Ergo Proxy 19 [68D450C8].avi174.25 MB000.00 B/s61,63814.79 TB
2010-02-14 07:03[Pino-no-Usagi] Ergo Proxy 20 [3858286D].avi174.22 MB000.00 B/s58,83818.67 TB
2008-12-01 10:23[Pino-no-Usagi] Ergo Proxy 21 [798EB429].avi174.25 MB000.00 B/s57,29615.70 TB
2008-12-24 19:13[Pino-no-Usagi] Ergo Proxy 22 [53CB13C3].avi174.25 MB000.00 B/s54,30415.24 TB
2005-04-20 03:10[Pino-no-Usagi] Ergo Proxy 23 [B16DD302][FINAL].avi174.32 MB000.00 B/s55,58615.22 TB
2014-08-25 15:13[PnU-ureshii]Pumpkin Scissors 01[1280x720][H264][02A101FE].mkv252.46 MB000.00 B/s826193.15 GB
2006-03-21 05:30[PnU-ureshii]Pumpkin Scissors 01[54AC9DCA].avi194.93 MB000.00 B/s4,5521.07 TB
2005-11-22 15:40[PnU-ureshii]Pumpkin Scissors 02[7C8CAF01].avi194.93 MB000.00 B/s2,252604.20 GB
 Totals6.06 GB00 683,504359.89 TB

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